The Power to Courageously Receive

There are these moments in life when this message comes through strong and clear about something that needs to be shared. Do you listen when you are called? 

Today is one of those days I was called. I believe that one of our most significant growth edges and the one that really stops us from making more than we need and fully embodying and embracing our financial well-being is not fully understanding how to receive.

If we had that one worked out, we wouldn’t be upside down, charging too little for our talents, depleted, over-giving and only 20% of us having investments beyond a savings account.

If we are going to take this huge opportunity in a time where women are rising and we have full permission to be a part of the women’s wealth revolution, then we’ve got to reclaim our power in the areas of money, wealth and prosperity.

It is clear to me that the first step is learning that receiving is truly one of our strengths and superpowers.

So….I was guided this morning to share a recording I made for my “Change Your Financial Destiny” course last year.

It is spiritual. It is emotional. It is heartfelt and introduces the idea that there actually is an archetype or energy field available to us of knowing…she is called the benevolent receiver.

I invite you to take a listen:

If you want the power to courageously receive, you might like this. I would love to hear what you think.

With much love and many blessings!


Business UNUSUAL - An Epiphany

I've been a little quiet lately and that's because I took a step back after leading my 7-month Change Your Financial Destiny program.  It was amazing….watching women regain their freedom and power in the wealth arena just lights me up.

But...something more wanted to come through. I needed some time back in nature with my camera to listen to my inner urge.  

Do you ever do that....take time out to really listen to the soft whisper that holds the generative secret of your sacred next step?  Please do!

I've been painting, decorating my home and lining my nest and awaiting further instructions from the Universe.

It feels weird and sometimes uncomfortable to stand in a space of not knowing “the what” of something that so powerfully wants to come through.  

I kept feeling like I am not living up to everyone's standards of how much I post on social media (or don't), whether or not I have a 5-star website and immediately marketing something new after completing a program. You know the drill...having a funnel...having one course constantly upselling into another course and a waiting list.

But then it occurred to me that what "they...the others...them" would say about how I'm supposed to run my business, isn't applicable to me.  

Then I remembered that I am a free bird; I am WINGING it because I would much rather fly than falter.

I'm not a conformist and never have been. I've been blocking my own creative spark by focusing on WHY I am not doing it like everyone else. And most of us look at our financial situation through that lens...what OTHERS said we SHOULD do.

Instead, now I am remembering that creating my own offerings and revenue streams when it suits me is truly what I signed up.  I don't run a traditional business of chasing money one offering after another. I do it my way.

I spent YEARS trying to earn my way out of Corporate America so I could be financially free. So chasing a business model that is supposed to look "normal" or "usual" isn't gonna do it for me.

My sassy entrepreneurial voice want to take flight...then take a F*ing rest...tune and INNOVATE!  So now I am saying that to you!

What wants to be invented, created and brought into form by you? If you didn't sign up for business or life as usual like me, then what are you going to do to create your normal UNUSUAL?  

Pretty please with whip cream on top, would you stop trying to do it according to the books...or someone preaching do this or else....etc

I'm telling you this epiphany just opened up something so juicy for me I almost cannot speak the words. Please tell me below what is opening up for you and what would your business unusual look like?

With much love and many blessings,


Cash Flow Dip OR HUGE Leap Forward?

One of the most common things I get asked about is why we experience a cash flow dip - whether it is in your business or personally.

When we find ourselves in this situation and our typical efforts are not generating the kind of money we expect, as women our first reaction is to question ourselves and our value.  

We immediately assume we did something wrong, missed the mark or are not worthy of making the amount of money we wish to make. NOT TRUE!

About 90% of the time when I work with clients or talk to my girlfriends that are experiencing a cash flow dip, there are three primary reasons it happens.

The first possibility is we might actually be stepping into a re-calibration mode and need the cash flow dip to push us into a deeper inquiry about what we are offering or who we are being.

This happens when our work is elevating and/or we are refining what is ours to do and redefining who it is for. It's such a blessing that our cash flow, or the energy of money, can point us to our next big leap if we are paying attention and willing to do our work.

The second possibility is we have somehow disconnected from our inner wisdom and our source of flow. Sometimes we need to connect more fully to our what we most yearn to create, express and experience to get back into the flow.  The cash flow dip is reflecting to us a need to tune back in!

The third possibility is that the timing isn't right for some reason.  Maybe we are supposed to be doing something else, maybe a new idea is coming or maybe we need to tend our money garden...start pulling weeds, planting seeds or just enjoying what has already bloomed.  Timing does matter.

When we find ourselves experiencing a cash flow dip there are a few steps we can take to use it as an opportunity to catapult forward.

1.  Take a few minutes of quiet time and feel into your current situation. Revisit a few things that happened that created the cash dip, just take stock and please be gentle with yourself.

2.   Ask yourself for clarity about what is happening. Check in with yourself in these 4 ways...

A. Do you need to recalibrate what you are doing or offering, is a change or tweak needed?

B. Are you no longer excited about what you are doing and if so, what would get you excited?

C. Have you gotten clearer about your audience and you need to connect with them more deeply?

D. If you are an entrepreneur, is this the right time for what you are offering?  What is it the right time for?

E. What are you most yearning to create, express or experience?

Taking a little bit of time to understand what the cash flow dip is trying to help us discover, will put us on the road to financial recovery. In most circumstances, I have seen cash flow dips precede a big leap forward financially IF you are willing to harvest the opportunity.

I always love hearing from you so comment below if you have any questions.

With Much Love and Many Blessings,


Fiercely Passionate

Over the past several months, I have been to the north and south poles, been to Brazil in search of Jaguars and just returned from India basking in Tiger glory.

I needed a time out…a break from the “have to’s and should’s” and wanted to flood myself with images of beauty.

In fact, I have become fiercely passionate about pursuing what brings me sublime joy…wildlife photography!


So what does that have to do with money, wealth and prosperity? I have been in that inquiry over the last year while I was dusting myself off and finding what was truly mine to teach in the world.

Have you ever wondered how your joy or your fierce passion translates to your work in the world? I think it is a big question all of us ask.  

The new age philosophy says pursue your joy and the abundance will follow. I don’t think it is as simple as that…do you? Abundance, money, wealth and prosperity are not “poof” type energies…they require something from us to create the conditions for them to occur in our life.

Sometimes there is something we are called to teach, give and offer that is financially generative and it funds our fierce passions. Sometimes our fierce passion funds our daily financial needs. Neither way is better than the other. Both work!

What I know to be true is that what we are fiercely passionate about is our wild instinct speaking…the instinct that knows how to stay on our destiny path with an open heart and loving boundaries, not that out of control, cray-cray self, but the one who truly KNOWS!  

Like a jaguar, lioness or tigress stalking their joy.

My wild instinct was ignited as a young child who wanted to go to Africa and was fiercely passionate about being able to pay her own way so no one could stop her. She is the one who brought me through Corporate America unscathed and financially free. Nothing was going to stop her.  

I know you have HER inside you as well.

So, I’m curious, when was the last time you tuned into your wild instinct…the one who truly knows your heart, your soul? The one who would lead you down the path of your highest destiny? What is she fiercely passionate about?

What could you do right now to be in touch with her and hear her roar?

Please tell me because I want to know what makes your heart beat faster and awakens every cell in your body! Pretty please…..

With much love and many blessings,


It's Time To Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling!

There is a lot of talk out there about owning your value.  And I talk about it, too.  Why?  Because it is so important that as women in today’s world with all of the opportunities available to us, we have to step up and embrace owning our value.

The pitfall I see is that most women have done inner work on themselves but haven’t taken it all the way.  What I mean is that we are starting to know how impactful our gifts are and that they make a difference to the ones we serve.

Yet we remain under-supported financially.  The biggest challenge I see for most women isn’t that you don’t know you are valuable and deserve to receive in accordance with your gifts, but that you are unable to clearly express that value to others.

Expressing our value to others has most of us get tongue-tied and then we step back or shut up.  We get really afraid that if we were to ask to be paid what we really want we would scare our clients off.  And then we would end up alone and unsuccessful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

In order for us to fully step into our power and fully break through our inner glass ceiling, we have to have three things working in harmony together.

1.     We must have an unwavering sense of the tremendous value we bring to our clients, our families and our bosses.

Tip: If you don’t already feel that unwavering sense, then I suggest you make a list of the ways in which you enhance others’ lives.  Review that list for at least 10 days and really feel how much you matter and how much others appreciate your contribution.

2.     We must shift our orientation to knowing that the Universe is completely unlimited and there is more than enough money on the planet for us to have more than we need!

Tip:  If you tend to have limited thoughts or experience lack, go on a 10-day possibility diet.  Open yourself up to seeing how many opportunities (big or small) come your way every day and write them down.  You can use your smart phone voice recorder to make it easy.  If you really want to go big, record the synchronicities, too!  Notice how much life is ALWAYS supporting you!

3.     We must be willing to follow through on both of the above by expressing ourselves in ways that demonstrate how much value we offer, by asking for the right amount of money (not how much we think is easy for others to accept) and by being willing to hold ourselves accountable for saying no to anything less then we deserve.


Tip:  Start asking for what you want and need honestly with everyone.  Do it in a way that honors others and your needs equally.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and breakthroughs!  You can comment below. 

With much love and many blessings,