Business UNUSUAL - An Epiphany

I've been a little quiet lately and that's because I took a step back after leading my 7-month Change Your Financial Destiny program.  It was amazing….watching women regain their freedom and power in the wealth arena just lights me up.

But...something more wanted to come through. I needed some time back in nature with my camera to listen to my inner urge.  

Do you ever do that....take time out to really listen to the soft whisper that holds the generative secret of your sacred next step?  Please do!

I've been painting, decorating my home and lining my nest and awaiting further instructions from the Universe.

It feels weird and sometimes uncomfortable to stand in a space of not knowing “the what” of something that so powerfully wants to come through.  

I kept feeling like I am not living up to everyone's standards of how much I post on social media (or don't), whether or not I have a 5-star website and immediately marketing something new after completing a program. You know the drill...having a funnel...having one course constantly upselling into another course and a waiting list.

But then it occurred to me that what "they...the others...them" would say about how I'm supposed to run my business, isn't applicable to me.  

Then I remembered that I am a free bird; I am WINGING it because I would much rather fly than falter.

I'm not a conformist and never have been. I've been blocking my own creative spark by focusing on WHY I am not doing it like everyone else. And most of us look at our financial situation through that lens...what OTHERS said we SHOULD do.

Instead, now I am remembering that creating my own offerings and revenue streams when it suits me is truly what I signed up.  I don't run a traditional business of chasing money one offering after another. I do it my way.

I spent YEARS trying to earn my way out of Corporate America so I could be financially free. So chasing a business model that is supposed to look "normal" or "usual" isn't gonna do it for me.

My sassy entrepreneurial voice want to take flight...then take a F*ing rest...tune and INNOVATE!  So now I am saying that to you!

What wants to be invented, created and brought into form by you? If you didn't sign up for business or life as usual like me, then what are you going to do to create your normal UNUSUAL?  

Pretty please with whip cream on top, would you stop trying to do it according to the books...or someone preaching do this or else....etc

I'm telling you this epiphany just opened up something so juicy for me I almost cannot speak the words. Please tell me below what is opening up for you and what would your business unusual look like?

With much love and many blessings,