Cash Flow Dip OR HUGE Leap Forward?

One of the most common things I get asked about is why we experience a cash flow dip - whether it is in your business or personally.

When we find ourselves in this situation and our typical efforts are not generating the kind of money we expect, as women our first reaction is to question ourselves and our value.  

We immediately assume we did something wrong, missed the mark or are not worthy of making the amount of money we wish to make. NOT TRUE!

About 90% of the time when I work with clients or talk to my girlfriends that are experiencing a cash flow dip, there are three primary reasons it happens.

The first possibility is we might actually be stepping into a re-calibration mode and need the cash flow dip to push us into a deeper inquiry about what we are offering or who we are being.

This happens when our work is elevating and/or we are refining what is ours to do and redefining who it is for. It's such a blessing that our cash flow, or the energy of money, can point us to our next big leap if we are paying attention and willing to do our work.

The second possibility is we have somehow disconnected from our inner wisdom and our source of flow. Sometimes we need to connect more fully to our what we most yearn to create, express and experience to get back into the flow.  The cash flow dip is reflecting to us a need to tune back in!

The third possibility is that the timing isn't right for some reason.  Maybe we are supposed to be doing something else, maybe a new idea is coming or maybe we need to tend our money garden...start pulling weeds, planting seeds or just enjoying what has already bloomed.  Timing does matter.

When we find ourselves experiencing a cash flow dip there are a few steps we can take to use it as an opportunity to catapult forward.

1.  Take a few minutes of quiet time and feel into your current situation. Revisit a few things that happened that created the cash dip, just take stock and please be gentle with yourself.

2.   Ask yourself for clarity about what is happening. Check in with yourself in these 4 ways...

A. Do you need to recalibrate what you are doing or offering, is a change or tweak needed?

B. Are you no longer excited about what you are doing and if so, what would get you excited?

C. Have you gotten clearer about your audience and you need to connect with them more deeply?

D. If you are an entrepreneur, is this the right time for what you are offering?  What is it the right time for?

E. What are you most yearning to create, express or experience?

Taking a little bit of time to understand what the cash flow dip is trying to help us discover, will put us on the road to financial recovery. In most circumstances, I have seen cash flow dips precede a big leap forward financially IF you are willing to harvest the opportunity.

I always love hearing from you so comment below if you have any questions.

With Much Love and Many Blessings,