The Power to Courageously Receive

There are these moments in life when this message comes through strong and clear about something that needs to be shared. Do you listen when you are called? 

Today is one of those days I was called. I believe that one of our most significant growth edges and the one that really stops us from making more than we need and fully embodying and embracing our financial well-being is not fully understanding how to receive.

If we had that one worked out, we wouldn’t be upside down, charging too little for our talents, depleted, over-giving and only 20% of us having investments beyond a savings account.

If we are going to take this huge opportunity in a time where women are rising and we have full permission to be a part of the women’s wealth revolution, then we’ve got to reclaim our power in the areas of money, wealth and prosperity.

It is clear to me that the first step is learning that receiving is truly one of our strengths and superpowers.

So….I was guided this morning to share a recording I made for my “Change Your Financial Destiny” course last year.

It is spiritual. It is emotional. It is heartfelt and introduces the idea that there actually is an archetype or energy field available to us of knowing…she is called the benevolent receiver.

I invite you to take a listen:

If you want the power to courageously receive, you might like this. I would love to hear what you think.

With much love and many blessings!