Blossom and Roar

An 8-week Online Salon

Designed To Evolve Your Relationship To Money, Wealth and prosperity

Starting July 25, 2019

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As conscious and caring women money, wealth and prosperity are still sources of challenge and distress for us.

What we truly crave is the experience of having an empowered relationship with money, wealth and prosperity - the kind of relationship that give us the confidence to take care of our financial well-being; bringing us the joy and freedom we yearn for.

Here’s the thing I know to be true, it isn’t about the “Benjamin’s”…it’s about knowing and trusting ourselves as empowered co-creators, allowing us to develop our own style of feminine earning power.

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If you been feeling like something needs to change with your finances, income and relationship to money then you may have been wondering if you can….

1.     Overcome under-valuing yourself

2.     Develop a healthy relationship to money without compromising your values

3.     Create a radiant financial future free from settling

4.     Heal the over-giving and under-earning habit

5.     Improve your understanding of investments and find the ones that light you up

6.     Discover “how much is enough for me”

7.     Understand how you actually manifest so you can repeat it

 You Can!

What if I told you that you can shift all of the above by awakening your feminine financial intelligence and step into your full financial potential, would you want to know more?

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Dear Sacred Sister,

I am officially inviting you on an 8-week journey into a radically fun and innovative experience that can change your financial destiny.

We are standing in a time when we have all of the opportunities, permissions and accessibility to create our own wealth, generate our own paradigm for relating to money and can harness our ability to embrace our full financial potential.

Let’s seize THIS moment and reclaim our money mojo.

Over these 8 fun-filled weeks you will begin:

  • Developing the ability to create your own experience of how prosperity, money, and wealth work specifically for you

  • Discovering what you really yearn to create and experience financially

  • Aligning your money story with your vision and values

  • Discovering how to bring flow into form your way

  • Embracing your full financial potential

  • Creating new habits and behaviors in alignment with what you want to experience

Blossom and Roar is an innovative program based on a new intelligence technology blended with Intentional Creativity that has developed over many years of harnessing the power of my feminine financial intelligence. 

The beauty of having access to your feminine financial intelligence can result in a natural healing of outdated stories because your orientation and context shift in relationship to money, wealth and prosperity.

You develop the skill to access the source of your own supply from your own knowing and become equipped to respond to financial challenges intelligently.

I want to pass this technology on to you so you can live your own richly abundant life! 


What You will Receive

  • 8 Weekly teaching and inquiry videos to consume at your own pace

  • 8 Weekly live sacred sister calls including deep-dive coaching and mentoring, held on Thursdays at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern

  • Weekly Intentional Creativity painting steps designed to deepen your knowing, accelerate your healing and generate forward momentum. (No experience necessary!) We will awaken the archetypal ally that holds the keys to your financial success.

  • Access to your Feminine Financial Intelligence

  • My deepest care and support

  • Private facebook group

  • Live calls with fantastic guest mentors:

    • Amy Ahlers – Inner Wisdom and Wealth

    • Scott Warner (my personal financial advisor) – Finances For Women

    • Mark George – Conscious Investing

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Registration Details:

3 Easy Payments of $160

1 Payment of $450

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Have you ever had that deep feeling of longing and desire about something you knew you HAD to do this lifetime?

For me, that happened when I was a toddler and I watched videos of elephants and giraffes on TV. The calling deep within my heart was a soul call to go to Africa - the kind of call you cannot ignore.

That was the day my wild instinct kicked in and showed me how to create financial independence because I knew my parents would never pay for a trip to Africa.

My focus was to make sure I earned my way out of Corporate America so I could live my life my way and I did, birthing what I now call Feminine Financial Intelligence.

There is so much more to tell you, but know this, every woman has this same instinct within her. It is a whole system of energy, knowing and cosmic code uniquely imprinted with your financial destiny.

When you get access, you cannot help but blossom and roar!

If you want to hear my spontaneous riff on what Feminine Financial Intelligence is, listen here: