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Love, Customers and Money

If you are a soul-centered visionary, change agent and entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the level that will support your financial well-being, then you will love this course. It is an efficient 6-week live, interactive and virtual course designed to help you transcend the most common cash-generating challenges that women struggle with in their businesses.

You will develop the skills to step onto your prosperity path by:

  • Attuning to your wild instinct and listening to it’s wisdom and guidance

  • Making peace with money and understand how to open the channels for it to flow into your business

  • Being able to fully identify your quantum contribution and speak powerfully about how it impacts your clients’ life

  • Becoming an empowered co-creator by awakening and activating your feminine financial intelligence™

  • Designing offers that sell

  • Getting an effortless yes from your clients by learning how to advocate for possibility (a new style of enrollment and selling based on a heart-centered approach I personally developed)

  • Setting prices that support your clients’ commitment and give you the income you desire

*This program is also available as a private coaching program if you want to get started right away and get personal attention. Email me at jsteelman@me.com to find out more.

Group program coming soon in 2019. Join my email list below to stay informed.

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 Cash flow Quickening

There are times in our business when we all need a cash infusion and/or to discover what isn’t working so we can course correct. We not only want to get back on track but leapfrog our previous success.

In order to do that it takes a partnership and collaboration to discover new, fresh and clean sources of money.

In this immersive fast-paced private program, we uncover what isn’t working, resolve it and design a plan for creating a cash flow quickening.

Over a 30-day period, we will work closely together to energize and revitalize your cash flow. Email me at jsteelman@me.com to find out more and see if this is a fit for you.