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 Financial Freedom Smells So Sweet!

It is mind blowing to me that less then 20% of American women have any investments beyond a traditional savings account.

In this day and age when we have all of the resources and permissions in the world to live richly abundant lives, we will don’t feel comfortable and confident about making important financial decisions. Most of us glaze over and check out when it comes to understanding investments.

That is why I am here, to remove the shroud of shame and secrecy around investing.

I’ll help you understand the money/wealth/prosperity paradigm in feminine language so you can start amplifying your resources, build wealth and create a monetary legacy for your loved ones

You worked hard for your money so now it’s time to get your money to work powerfully for you and create cash flow in later years without having to work.

I promise it is not a pipe dream….I did it! So can you my sweet sister.

My husband and I were working folk, we inherited a bit but not enough to retire. Our investments allowed us to create a life where we had income and cash flow and no longer had to work. When he died suddenly I could have been left without enough but instead I had more than enough because we planned for the thing neither of us ever wanted to happen.

I know when you taste financial freedom and all the choices it offers, you will be able to fulfill the destiny you gave birth for.

It is time for a women’s wealth evolution so we can have the influence we need to make the impact we want. Let’s start using the money system that exists in honorable ways and stop turning away.

Will you honor yourself enough to turn towards your financial desires and start creating financial freedom?


Change Your Financial Destiny Course

If you are truly ready to generate more than enough money, forward your bold goals and visions and embrace investing as a way to achieve financial freedom, then you will love this course.

It is a transformational and practical 6-month virtual course for women who want to live richly abundant lives, fulfill their highest destiny and grow spiritually.

The course modules include:

  • Awakening your feminine financial intelligence™

  • The power to boldly manifest

  • Becoming an active and empowered co-creator

  • Unlocking the power to courageously receive

  • Discovering you are wealthy beyond measure

  • Embodying the sacred, savvy investor

  • Creating your richly abundant future

  • Developing a prosperity project to bring a financial desire into reality

This is a rich and deeply powerful course hosted inside of a intimate and nourishing container. Together we amplify each other and elevate our relationship to money, wealth and prosperity and step through the prosperity portal.

This course is offered once a year and is also available as a private study program. Enter your name and email address below to stay informed on upcoming dates. If interested in private study, please email me at jsteelman@me.com

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 Richly Abundant & Financially Free coaching

In this private hands-on supportive coaching program, we will join forces to elevate your financial life from all levels - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

We will work through your financial life, course correct, make changes based on your needs, heal any wounds and find new sources of money depending on your livelihood.

We will clarify your investment objectives and goals and develop a personal strategy that is just right for you. It can be as big as you like and as focused as getting involved with socially responsible causes to finding the right insurance products to enhance your cash flow later in life. I will make introduce you to professionals (ones that I work with) that can help you achieve your goals.

Based on your intentions, we will design a prosperity project for you to work on during our time together so you can easily and quickly implement what you learn and work towards producing tangible results.

We will also engage in an intentional creativity painting process to discover your unique archetype that holds the keys to unlocking your feminine financial intelligence.

Please reach out to me to find out more and discover if this is the right thing for you at Jsteelman@me.com

Please note: I am not a licensed financial planner or advisor. I am studying to become licensed and anything we do that is investment related will be handled by a trained and licensed professional I have personally vetted.