Congratulations on taking the Blooming Rose Quiz! 

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Based on your answers, you are “Living The Dream” and that is fantastic. There is a lot to be said for that and feeling grateful that you are getting most of your needs met and are on the path to having much more than enough.

Take a breath and realize this is a judgement-free zone and a place to explore and discover ways to get to the next level of financial well-being. I am energetically standing with you as you consider your next step.

Let’s get started with some ways to help your money garden grow. I’m excited for you!

Here are some things that will support you:

  • A 3-step process for aligning your mind-set, heart-set and skill set

  • Powerful resources for moving past your growth edge

  • A useful tip to help you expand and grow

Three-Step Process

We live in a manifest world and how we relate to that through our thoughts, actions and feelings directly affects our experience. It does make a difference how you are talking to yourself about your financial situation and those vibes flow out and can constrict our money flow. We need to align our goals with what matters to us so we can find the way through to the next level of growth. It won’t always be rosy or easy. Staying true to your own course will make things happen!

All you need is about 15 minutes of quiet time and a pen and paper to jot down your answers.

  1. Let’s start by clarifying your heart-set. What do you most yearn to experience and create financially? Now imagine yourself having that, tune into your heart and listen to it’s wisdom to discover the why. Example: sharing, caring for others, freedom, self-expression, etc. What is your big why? And how does it make you feel?  

  2. Let’s get your mind-set clear. Based on your big why, ask yourself what story you are telling yourself or what negative self talk are you running when you think about having what you want financially? Write it down. Notice how it makes you feel and that it takes you right out of your heart space and how you felt when you tuned into your big why! Write down what you notice.  

    Tune back into your heart, your big why and how that feels, from there write down an affirmation or mantra that will help you shift your inner dialog. Example: I am open, ready, willing and able to receive a new supply of fresh clean money and inspiration to grow my income.

    I’d suggest doing something to make sure you repeat this to yourself for the next 32 days so you can change your habit. Maybe program it in your phone on repeat for a month and set an alarm!

  3. Now that your heart and your mind are clear, when you think about what you want to create, what do you need to learn more about or what skill set do you need to develop that would support you in fulfilling your desire? Do you need some help or support? Write down at least 5 ideas and then pick one and follow it through.

I hope that was really fun for you!

A Powerful Resource:

One of the most common growth edges for women who are making more than enough is the lack of development and understanding on how you can get your hard earned resources to work hard for you. When you do, you automatically cross over that growth edge that creates financial freedom.

Less than 20% of American women have investments beyond a traditional savings account. We cannot afford to live that way anymore and settle for less.

To start to move towards financial freedom, there are 2 steps you can take:

  1. A great way to create a new way of being in relationship to money, is to listen to the “Awakening Your Feminine Financial Intelligence” meditation once a day for the next 32 days! Will you take the challenge?

  2. My personal financial planner, Scott Warner, and I recorded a fast, fun and friendly introduction to the investment world last year during my “Change Your Financial Destiny” Program. Scott is lively and loves what he does. This is a beginning discussion about how the money world works and what are some of the best ways to start creating financial freedom for yourself. Have a listen and I would love to hear what you think.

Final Tip: 

If you are setting your goals or intentions for increasing your income too small, it will keep you stuck in the same place. For example, if your goal is to pay off your credit cards, while that is certainly something you do want to do, you are keeping your focus on DEBT.  

My suggestion is to shift your goal to something that feels expansive and generative like - I want to learn how to become a sacred, savvy investor!

You’ve taken a really a courageous step by being willing to explore how your money garden can grow! If you any questions you can email me at

With much love and many blessings,

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