Some Sacred Goodness For You!

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 A great way to gain access to new ideas that will help you expand new sources of money or new ways of being in relationship to money, is to listen to the “Awakening Your Feminine Financial Intelligence” meditation. If you want to change your habits for good then listen for once a day for the next 32 days!  Will you take the challenge? I’d love to hear what opens up for you.  


Right after the tragic California fires, I felt so moved by how many people/women I knew that lost homes and were riding the edge of financial disaster because they didn’t have a variety of resources available to them. I was so moved that I knew it was time to speak up. In this recording High Tea About High Finance” I talk about what we need to do to change our financial destiny.

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 If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur or healing arts professional, selling and enrolling new clients is probably your least favorite thing to do. But what if it could be as easy as breathing? In my highly-praised book, The Effortless Yes - Demystifying The Selling Process and Discovering Your Selling Archetype, you will be able to transcend this growth edge and enliven your business. You can get copies on Amazon.

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One of the most common growth edges for women who have some success but aren’t quite making more than enough is the lack of valuing our worthy talents. We don’t see it as a contribution that enhances and impacts others’ lives!

The secret to moving into making more than enough and expanding your financial resources is to unlock the inner keys that give us access to the part of us that is already Wealthy Beyond Measure. In this video I recorded for the Compass Rose Summit last year, I will take you on an experiential journey that will have your relating to money, wealth and prosperity in a new way. Enjoy!


If you want a deeper understanding of how the world of advisors works and who is really motivated to help you, you will love this recording with my personal financial planner, Scott Warner. We recorded “Smart and Savvy Investing” last year  during my “Change Your Financial Destiny” Program. Scott is lively and loves what he does.  

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Our consciousness and how we hold things has everything to do with what we experience. On our road to creating richly abundant lives and financial freedom, we need to adjust the way we view money, wealth and prosperity. The 10 Pillars Of Feminine Financial Intelligence will help you shift your mind-set and heart-set.

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My dear friend StellaMac aka Mary MacDonald and I recently talked about feminine financial intelligence. In this conversation, I share about my mission to help women heal their relationship with money on her new podcast Wild Woman Wisdom. You can listen here: https://stellamac.com/podcast/


Mystic, Spiritual Midwife and Transformational Guide, Joni Advent Maher, MSW shares deeply personal conversations with extraordinary women about personal and financial liberation. Listen to my conversation with Joni, as I share about how we stand in our value and how to recognize the overlooked value of our impact. You can listen here: Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow


Listen to my conversation with Debbie DiPietro on her podcast, Courageously Go. I share about why courage is today’s most vital force. You can listen to our conversation here.


What if we treated our money as well as we do our children? What if we looked at money as something to nurture, cherish and harvest, instead of something to dominate and chase? Join me and my dear friend and transformational coach, Amy Ahlers, as I dive into a whole new mindset about money. You can listen to our conversation here.


Do you occasionally feel guilt over a desire to earn a higher income? Amy Ahlers, a master women’s leadership coach, joins me for a conversation about how she overcame the urge to limit herself in creating more money, wealth and prosperity in her life because she felt she was being dis-loyal to the people who are suffering in the world. Watch our discussion here.