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If you are ready to Transcend your financial growth edges and

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  • You want to have the money you worked so hard for start creating freedom for you

  • You just want to have a transformative breakthrough in the area of money, wealth and prosperity

    Then you belong here

I have spent my entire life studying money systems, learning how to become an empowered co-creator, intentionally earning my way into early retirement, amplifying my resources by becoming a savvy investor and clarifying specifically what women need to adopt a feminine approach to creating financial well-being.

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For the woman who is ready for financial freedom-

If you know you want your money to start working hard for you and you are ready to become a sacred, savvy investor and create financial freedom for yourself…

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For caring entrepreneurs who crave a financial breakthrough-

If you are a soul-centered entrepreneur who is ready to be empowered to rise to a new level of income and prevail in the cash-generating areas of your business…

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Complimentary resources for developing your feminine financial intelligence-

Explore some juicy goodies like teachings, recordings and community calls that will support you on your journey to change your financial destiny…

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“A natural born mystic and healer at heart, I’ve needed to move mountains inside of myself in order to learn to communicate the value of my coaching services to prospective clients and be able to navigate these intimidating financial waters by also learning how to value myself first.

Out of all of the various ‘money teachers’ out there, my work with Julie has been hands down, the most powerful. She helped me demystify ‘sales’ and see it as my opportunity to stand forward with courage and claim my value.

She has assisted me in finding my own natural voice as a business woman, learn to boldly receive, stay true to my mystical nature, and communicate this clearly to my prospective clients in a way that felt totally natural and authentic.

Within less than sixty days of activating my feminine financial intelligence, I closed over $250,000.00 of sales with a level of ease that I never knew possible.

She helped me find a strength and clarity in my unique selling style that left me feeling empowered to be me.”
— Gabriella Taylor - Coach, Minister and Leader Of Journey To Extraordinary Love
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  Living Richly Abundant Lives Is Our Birthright!