It’s time for a women’s wealth evolution

Women are rising yes, But…

The one consistent area where women still struggle is

  • Making more than enough money

  • Creating financial freedom

  • Building wealth in a way that honors our values

The assumptions of the traditionally masculine money making system do not work for us. So we have either ignored it or turned away from our own financial well-being because we haven’t been willing to compromise our beliefs and values in order to play along.

Today we are now in control of over $20,000,000,000 in spending power globally!

Women in the US have say so over $10,000,000,000 and yet only 2 out 10 American women have investments beyond a savings account.

Most of us still feel unsure about our value and ability to make more than enough on our terms, becoming richly abundant and making vitally important financial decisions.

Ignoring our financial well-being has cost us far too much influence, impact and power.

Because most of us do not understand the nature of the money paradigm - the authentic, divinely designed money-wealthy-prosperity matrix - we haven’t been able to properly name and transcend our growth edges. Or we haven’t wanted to understand it because we didn’t want to twist ourselves into something we don’t like.

Ladies, we cannot continue to:

  • Ride the edge of financial disaster

  • Rely solely on others to get by financially

  • Settle for much less then we need to fulfill our destiny

  • Let societal and/or family influences determine our financial future

  • Ignore the ways we can amplify our resources and build lasting wealth

  • Or forfeit gaining the influence we need to be as impactful as we want to be

If we keep going like we are - ignoring our financial future and unwilling to develop in this area - we will forego the opportunity to become fully self expressed and empowered to realize our destiny.

Because I care so much about empowering women’s financial freedom I cannot be quiet about this any longer. My story proves anyone can achieve financial freedom and live a life according to your own inner authority.

It takes some work and it isn’t all roses.

the need to self actualize in this area is real

Mother Earth is counting on us and we have ACCESS to the resources now.

Are you ready to unlock the feminine language for understanding money, wealth and prosperity, and accessing your feminine financial intelligence™.

I want to share it with you so you can reclaim your power and embrace and embody this new era of feminine financial freedom. Will you join me?

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Julie is a brilliant mind, a big heart and has a vision of a women’s wealth revolution whose time has come. She really knows how to empower us to move past our financial challenges and embrace and embody our financial desires. I have personally worked with her on many occasions and it is rare to cross paths with someone with refined know how that can speak in feminine language about something that has been so traditionally masculine. She sees the path no one else can see and is a true modern-day way shower when it comes to money, wealth and prosperity.
— Shiloh Sofia McCloud - Artist, Teacher, Poet, & Philanthropist

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