It’s time for a women’s wealth evolution

Women are rising And We..

Are still challenged by -

  • Feeling worthy enough to follow through on living richly abundant lives

  • Having the courage and the confidence to make important financial decisions, especially when we find ourselves at a crossroads or in the middle of a big life change

  • Creating financial freedom and flow for our future

  • Fully understanding all of our options to amplify and multiply our well earned money


Because, for most of us, the experience of the traditionally masculine money-making system has created a conflict for us leading us to turn away from our financial well-being and develop a mistrust for the way the money system works. That has left us feeling under-supported to develop the capacities we need to embrace the new style of feminine earning and wealth building power that is emerging.

The good news is a new future awaits us…

financial opportunities are Blooming & something truly extraordinary is opening up….

Today women are in control of over $20,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in spending power globally with women in US having say so over $5,000,000,000,000 - $10,000,000,000,000 and yet

  • most of us do not know how to access our feminine financial intelligence™ - an inner guidance system that knows exactly how to design our own soul-satisfying money, prosperity and wealth paradigm

  • we do not yet know how to fully utilize today’s tools to amplify and multiply our money and generate long-term wealth

  • we yearn to live into a future we need the confidence and courage to create

  • we want to learn to trust ourselves with important financial matters

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So how do we transcend our growth edges and reclaim our power?

The beginnings of a women’s wealth evolution starts with us changing our resonance to the field of money and beginning to awaken our feminine financial intelligence™ (FFQ).

FFQ is an inner guidance system, an archetypal-energetic-patterning, that each of us possesses. It acts as a way-shower for us to design and develop our own prosperity paradigm based on what we most deeply yearn to express, create and experience.

What I know to be true is that when you can awaken, access and activate your FFQ, you will

  • find the through line to transcend your growth edges

  • be able to embrace your financial well-being

  • and unlock the keys to curating and fulfilling your financial destiny

If you feel called to reclaim your power and embrace and embody this new era of feminine financial freedom then let’s talk.

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Take The Blooming Rose quiz!

If you want to take the first step towards embracing your financial well-being, take The Blooming Rose Quiz. It is designed to help you quickly clarify where you are on the money, wealth and prosperity spectrum.

The results come with some juicy ideas, tips and resources to help you grow to the next level.

You can take the quiz here.

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Julie is a brilliant mind, a big heart and has a vision of a women’s wealth revolution whose time has come. She really knows how to empower us to move past our financial challenges and embrace and embody our financial desires. I have personally worked with her on many occasions and it is rare to cross paths with someone with refined know how that can speak in feminine language about something that has been so traditionally masculine. She sees the path no one else can see and is a true modern-day way shower when it comes to money, wealth and prosperity.
— Shiloh Sofia McCloud - Artist, Teacher, Poet, & Philanthropist

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