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 You can call me a coach, a mentor, a Mystic or a teacher

more of what I am is a way shower

I’m here to empower yOU to realize Your Financial Destiny

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Julie earned her way out of the corporate world at the young age of 47 by unlocking the secrets to a new style of feminine earning power.  She discovered that all women possess an internal wisdom she calls Feminine Financial Intelligence™. All women can easily learn to access it, allowing them to change their financial destiny forever.

Based on her incredibly successful ability to follow her wild instinct, Julie developed an innovative intentional prosperity system that allowed her to generate more than $100 million in advertising revenue during the rise and rapid expansion of internet commerce.

Julie’s powerful courses and programs are designed to revolutionize women’s relationship to money - resulting in a healthy self-worth that leads to robust net worth.  She believes this is vital for a woman’s self expression and her ability to create meaningful impact and build a potent legacy, where her values are integrated into her financial beliefs and wealth-building strategy.

 Julie is deeply committed to women worldwide shattering their financial glass ceilings and learning the skills that allow them to boldly manifest their visions and create limitless life-long wealth. She feels strongly that the time has come for women to stop riding the edge of financial disaster and become highly empowered co-creators.

Julie’s highly compassionate approach to teaching women to generate money and wealth the feminine way is due to her unique blend of financial experience, commitment to living a spiritually abundant life, and being trained in the supportive environment women need for sustained transformation of their lives.  

She is a certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and has had a 25 year-career in global, iconic corporate brand sales. Julie also loves to integrate the arts into her work as an Intentional Creativity teacher and award-winning wild life photographer. Julie also authored a highly-praised book for female entrepreneurs, The Effortless Yes and is the creator of the Effortless Selling System, and the very successful program, Change Your Financial Destiny.

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My personal Story

My financial journey started when I was a young child watching “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” every Sunday night. I remember being glued to the TV with eyes wide open as I watched videos of zebra’s, giraffes, elephants and Lions roam the vast planes of Africa. A soul-fire ignited inside of me. I knew then that I had to find a way to go to Africa and that I needed to create financial freedom to fulfill my destiny.

As a small child I reasoned the only way to do that was to have control over my ability to generate more than enough money and become financially free so I could do what I knew would fuel my joy. That was a defining moment for me and when I began to listen to my wild instinct. It carried me through 25+ years in Corporate America with a single focused intention of earning my way out. And I did. Now I use my overflow to travel the world photographing the wild, sacred beauty that is here. If you want to see my award-winning photography, visit my site: www.WildSacredBeauty.com

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